Arguments & Grievances

Jonah Jurkens vs Keith Paese  in Bros vs Nerd & Mad Max vs Mad Men

Marty DeRosa vs Cameron Gillette in Mad Max vs Mad Men


Torche - Little Champion
Falcon Crest - Untitled

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Michael Timlin vs Dan Friesen
(Billy Joel vs Beethoven)

Korn vs Corn
(Dustin Meadows vs Laura Sanders)

Bomb The Music Industry - My Response to an Article in Alternative Press
Bomb the Music Industry - FREEEEE BIRD! FREEE BIIIIIIIIRD!!!

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Jeff Scheen vs Andrew Halter & Martin Morrow vs Xavier Lamont



Infest: Lying to Myself

Meat Puppets: Intro

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Buying the Cow vs Getting the Milk for Free & Donuts vs Bagels

Buying the Cow vs Getting the Milk for Free
(Anna Seregina vs Joe Kilgallon)

Donuts vs Bagels
(Patrick Susmilch vs Kyle Mizono)

"Juliette" by Hollerado
"Tall Man Skinny Lady" by Ty Segall
"You, In Weird Cities" by Jeff Rosenstock


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