Arguments & Grievances

Bernie Sanders vs Col. Sanders
(Bobby Crane vs Harris Alterman)

Rent vs Own
(Christie Buchele vs Phil Palisoul)


Music From:
"No No Girl" by The Quick
"We Don't Care Now" by Gumbo
"Let's Do It Again" by Crunch

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(Fran Hoepfner vs Dan Abromowitz)

Summer Loving vs Winter Loving
(Angela Vela vs Dean Carlson)

Music From:

"Want You Around (Chunky)" by The Great Cynics
"Down in the Streets" by Nightmare For A Week
"The Mitigation Commitee" by Bangers

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The Golden Rule vs Ja Rule
(Leon Blanda vs Geoffrey Asmus)

Celebrity Deathmatch vs Celebrity Apprentice
(Kamari Stevens vs Ben Bryant)

"Weirdo" by Rozwell Kid
"Urge To Purge" by Charly Bliss
"Superficial" by Sweepyheads

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