Arguments & Grievances

Arguments & Grievances returns to Nerdmelt! (Los Angeles). This episode features:


Bert vs. Ernie & Indiana vs. Kentucky

Will Weldon vs. Solomon Georgio & Megan Gailey vs. Dave Waite

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Salty vs. Sweet & Corey Feldman vs. Corey Haim

Liz Ziner vs. Allison Dunne & Liza Marie vs. Matty Field

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Shaft vs. Taft & Woody Allen vs. Tim Allen

Shaft vs. Taft & Woody Allen vs. Tim Allen

Greg Bach vs. Tyler Menz & Matt Werner vs. David Louis

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Bark vs. Bite
Kevin White vs Sonia Denis



Onion Rings vs. NuvaRings

Shane Torres vs Molly Ruben-Long

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Be My Friend vs No New Friends
(Jonah Jurkins vs Xavier Lamont)

Anxiety vs Depression
(Matty Ryan vs Reena Calm)

"Easy Eating" by Naked Giants
"Just Not Right" by Big Eyes
"Outro" by Chalk Talk

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Youth Group vs Drama Club
(Tyler Snodgrass vs Kevin Brody)

Truckers vs Sea Captains
(David Philips vs Joe McMahon)

"Who We've Become" by Joey Cape's Bad Loud
"Death Is Never Out Of Fashion" by Star Fucking Hipsters
"Big Sea" by Crash of Rhinos

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Off-Brand vs Name Brand
(Aparna Nancherla vs Saurin Choksi)

Underwater vs Outer Space
(Nick Vatterott vs Micah Sherman)

"Take It As It Comes" by J. Roddy Watson & The Business
"Pineapple Girl" by Mister Heavenly
"I Hate The Weekend" by Tacocat

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Catholics vs Jews
(Kevin O'Brien vs Ariel Elias)

Fact vs Fiction
(Ben Kronberg vs Ashley Brooke Roberts)

"Lets Think It Over" by Pat Thomas & Marijata

"Ma Huno" by Pat Thomas & Ebo Taylor

"Bang Bang" by Betty Chung

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You're Crazy vs. No, You're Crazy 

Nicholas Rouley vs Stephanie Hasz 




Alpha vs Beta

Geoffrey Asmus vs Tim McLaughlin


Music by

Avenge Oscar Wilde - The Insurgent

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Working Dad vs Stay at Home Dad 

Tyler Jackson vs Nicky Martin 


Utopia vs Zootopia 

Dan Sheehan vs Stephanie Weber


Music: Back When - Fraud of Scribes

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Ketchup vs Mustard 

Danny Kallas vs Kieth Paesel 


Savage Garden vs A Garden

Kristin Clifford vs Kyle Scanlan



McCarthy Trenching - Scoop Shovel Blues

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Zach Peterson vs Micheal Timlin

Leonardo DiCaprio vs Leonardo DaVinci




Racheal McCartney vs Joe Nudelman

Voting vs Not Voting


Music - Noah's Ark was a Spaceship - Adult Sized Skeleton


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Sort of an explanation why we have been not been putting up new episodes, and what to expect in the coming months. 

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Sleeping vs. Weeping 

Bobby Crane vs. Christie Buchele


Burger King vs. Stephen King

Brandon Ream vs. Kevin Brody

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Weak vs. Strong

Christie Buchele vs. Sam Tallent

Full House vs. House of Cards

Bobby Crane vs. Nathan Lund

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Bernie Sanders vs Col. Sanders
(Bobby Crane vs Harris Alterman)

Rent vs Own
(Christie Buchele vs Phil Palisoul)


Music From:
"No No Girl" by The Quick
"We Don't Care Now" by Gumbo
"Let's Do It Again" by Crunch

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(Fran Hoepfner vs Dan Abromowitz)

Summer Loving vs Winter Loving
(Angela Vela vs Dean Carlson)

Music From:

"Want You Around (Chunky)" by The Great Cynics
"Down in the Streets" by Nightmare For A Week
"The Mitigation Commitee" by Bangers

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The Golden Rule vs Ja Rule
(Leon Blanda vs Geoffrey Asmus)

Celebrity Deathmatch vs Celebrity Apprentice
(Kamari Stevens vs Ben Bryant)

"Weirdo" by Rozwell Kid
"Urge To Purge" by Charly Bliss
"Superficial" by Sweepyheads

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Live from the 2016 Memphis Comedy Festival!

Ted Cruz vs Tom Cruise
(Derek Sheen vs Kenny Deforest)

Dolly Parton vs The Dalai Lama
(Amy Miler vs Johan Miranda)

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Megabusses vs Mega Churches
(Ryan Singer vs Chris Charpentier)

The Films of Sam Johnson vs The Films of John Samson
(Bryan Cook vs Jared Logan)


"Big Shot" by The Pack A.D.

"RE:PEATER" by She's Hit

"Young Love Dead" by She's Hit

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Lazy Susans vs Lazy Boys & Gene Wilder vs Gene Hackman

Lazy Susans vs Lazy Boys 

(Brandie Posey vs Barbara Gray)


Gene Wilder vs Gene Hackman

(Dulce Sloan vs Joe McAdam)



"Christ of the Ozarks" by HEELS

"The Trip" by Kim Fowley

"Gimme A Beer" by Diamond Rugs

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From the Orlando Indie Comedy Festival. 


Tanks Tops vs Flip Flops

Dave Losso vs Racheal McCartney


Kevin White vs Ismael Loutfi

Mody dick vs Moby



Headache City - Throw up Summer

Hawks and Doves - Hush Money

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Kelsie Huff vs Kevin Brody

(Positivity vs Negativity)


Mike O'Keefe vs Justin Golak

(Quitting vs Getting Fired)



Able Baker Fox - Palindramatics

From Ashes Rise - High on the Media Fix

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Swipesy - McCarthy Trenching

Cryptospordium - The Flying Luttenbachers

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Both debates from the Denver show hosted by Kevin O'Brien


Bobby Crane vs Brett Hiker

Milk vs Cookies


Sam Tallent vs David Gborie

Selling out vs Cashing in



Career Suicide - Punitive Damages

Caught in the Fall - Good Luck at the D&D Tournament. 

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Catholic vs. Protestant & Dirty Comedy vs. Clean Comedy


Sam Norton vs. Adam Burke &  David Venhuizen vs. Jason Earl Folks 

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City vs. Country & The Best of Times vs. The Worst of Times


Bobby Budds vs. Sonia Denis & Adam Burke vs. Dan Friesen

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Cats vs. Dogs & Size of the Boat vs. Motion of the Ocean

Lisa Peters vs. Caitlin Checkeroski & Derek Smith vs. Marty Derosa

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Reena Calm vs Joe Fernandez
(Bar Mitzahs vs Quinceaneras)

Tim McLaughlin vs Bobby Condon
(Van Morrison vs Van Helsing)

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Josh Androsky (Dings) vs Clare O'Kane (Dongs) 

Darrin Rose (Maple Syrup) vs Toby Huss (Mayonnaise)

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Kevin White, Tyler Snodgrass & Mikey Manker vs Kolin Bohannon // Cody Melcher vs Peter John-Byrnes 

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