Arguments & Grievances

A&G is back and continuing our illustrious series in realm of farts and heavy drinking with this week's episode: Smelt It vs. Dealt It (Shannon Noll vs. Danny Maupin)  & 2AM Bars vs. 4AM Bars (Nate Burrows vs. Dale McPeek). Catch us for our last two Chicago shows before Zach and Brody relocate to LA and die of dehydration in the desert.

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Arguments & Grievances is back with our third to last (regular) show in Chicago before Zach and Brody fuck off to LA to become high end cheese salesmen in wine country. Our illustrious debates and debaters include:

Home vs. Away with Bobby Condon and Jason Earl Folks


Indiana vs. Indiana Jones with Rudy Schultz and Erin Grotheer

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SPECIAL EDITION A&G! Presenting the very best of Bobby Budds' numerous A&G appearances. As A&G preps for its final Chicago shows, Zach and Brody take some time to say so long to one of our all time favorites, Bobby Budds. Also appearing on the show are standout debaters and comic titans Adam Burke and Liza Treyger.

Follow Bobby's shenanigans @Bobby_Budds

Smart vs. Dumb was originally released March 22, 2015.

Adam Sandler vs. Chelsea Handler was originally released June 2, 2014.

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