Arguments & Grievances

Live from the 2016 Memphis Comedy Festival!

Ted Cruz vs Tom Cruise
(Derek Sheen vs Kenny Deforest)

Dolly Parton vs The Dalai Lama
(Amy Miler vs Johan Miranda)

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Megabusses vs Mega Churches
(Ryan Singer vs Chris Charpentier)

The Films of Sam Johnson vs The Films of John Samson
(Bryan Cook vs Jared Logan)


"Big Shot" by The Pack A.D.

"RE:PEATER" by She's Hit

"Young Love Dead" by She's Hit

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Lazy Susans vs Lazy Boys & Gene Wilder vs Gene Hackman

Lazy Susans vs Lazy Boys 

(Brandie Posey vs Barbara Gray)


Gene Wilder vs Gene Hackman

(Dulce Sloan vs Joe McAdam)



"Christ of the Ozarks" by HEELS

"The Trip" by Kim Fowley

"Gimme A Beer" by Diamond Rugs

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