Arguments & Grievances

Youth Group vs Drama Club
(Tyler Snodgrass vs Kevin Brody)

Truckers vs Sea Captains
(David Philips vs Joe McMahon)

"Who We've Become" by Joey Cape's Bad Loud
"Death Is Never Out Of Fashion" by Star Fucking Hipsters
"Big Sea" by Crash of Rhinos

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Off-Brand vs Name Brand
(Aparna Nancherla vs Saurin Choksi)

Underwater vs Outer Space
(Nick Vatterott vs Micah Sherman)

"Take It As It Comes" by J. Roddy Watson & The Business
"Pineapple Girl" by Mister Heavenly
"I Hate The Weekend" by Tacocat

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Catholics vs Jews
(Kevin O'Brien vs Ariel Elias)

Fact vs Fiction
(Ben Kronberg vs Ashley Brooke Roberts)

"Lets Think It Over" by Pat Thomas & Marijata

"Ma Huno" by Pat Thomas & Ebo Taylor

"Bang Bang" by Betty Chung

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