Arguments & Grievances

You're Crazy vs. No, You're Crazy 

Nicholas Rouley vs Stephanie Hasz 




Alpha vs Beta

Geoffrey Asmus vs Tim McLaughlin


Music by

Avenge Oscar Wilde - The Insurgent

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Working Dad vs Stay at Home Dad 

Tyler Jackson vs Nicky Martin 


Utopia vs Zootopia 

Dan Sheehan vs Stephanie Weber


Music: Back When - Fraud of Scribes

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Ketchup vs Mustard 

Danny Kallas vs Kieth Paesel 


Savage Garden vs A Garden

Kristin Clifford vs Kyle Scanlan



McCarthy Trenching - Scoop Shovel Blues

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Zach Peterson vs Micheal Timlin

Leonardo DiCaprio vs Leonardo DaVinci




Racheal McCartney vs Joe Nudelman

Voting vs Not Voting


Music - Noah's Ark was a Spaceship - Adult Sized Skeleton


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